A Westbrook how to Film Installing New Historic Window Trim

A Westbrook how to Film Installing New Historic Window Trim

Not long ago, Westbrook Restorations Carpentry & Millwork was doing a Master Suite remodel in Seattle on a historic home. Often times we come across a lot of great ideas for sharing how we do an installation. We feel it would be valuable to the trades as a modern component of learning something new about carpentry, trim work, or remodeling in general. In this video and article, it’s specifically about installing new trim work around a series of new windows, that will match the historic millwork in the rest of the home. Great care was taken in cooperation between myself and Board & Vellum, a local architecture firm, to choose the right new windows for the application. We settled on Marvin windows purchased through Dunn Lumber company.

Most of the time my professional filming and article work is planned long ahead of time in cooperation with a professional team to capture the right content. So by the time we are on one of my projects filming, there has been a lot of scheduling changes, communications, and trust, in waiting for the day at that point in the project. Once we do film, I like to be authentic about our work, as if we are in your home watching us work, or perhaps working with me. This way a trades person might learn a little tidbit about working environment, and if you’re a home owner considering Westbrook for your next project, you can see how we work. Enjoy the film below, and link to the article. at Dunn Solutions

Also check out the whole Master Suite Project in Westbrooks Portfolio to see more.

Thanks be to the team at the Belief Agency, and Dunn Lumber Company, for your trust in working with Westbrook to create this awesome content.

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