Westbrook Restorations llc Carpentry & Millwork is founded on four old fashioned fundamental values. Respect, Hard Work,Trust, and Stewardship. These values, working experience, and mindful applied knowledge, put together, is where craftsmanship is born. It’s not just the practice of hands on workmanship, but also a personal mindset of caring, and learning.

As a craftsman owned, remodel contractor and master carpentry service, Westbrook has found a niche renovating, repairing, or period replicating, historic, vintage and Mid century modern homes from Seattle, Bellevue, Everett and North counties.

Craftsmanship is use of knowledge and expertise meticulously absorbed, learned, and applied over a long period of time. It’s the tooling, the equipment, and carpenter shop carefully built on a solid foundation of old fashioned values. This allows us to build, restore, or period replicate unique custom projects. Projects that range from, restoring historic windows, building and installing cabinets, building stairs and railings, or rebuilding historic entries and front porches. We make custom post caps, posts, corbels, window sash, doors, siding and trim. So, if you need a furniture repair, or a custom piece built, bring it to the shop. If you have a custom railing or porch that needs rebuilding we can do that too. A custom kitchen remodel? Yes. With any custom carpentry or renovation project, Westbrook would be interested in speaking with you.


Daniels approach to craftsmanship comes from a multi generational tradition, continued applied education, and over 30 years of hands-on experience. Today, Daniel is still a hands-on working craftsman running his business from the shop or the field.

Westbrook Restorations Carpentry & Millwork shop is a mainstay of his business supporting field activities such as replicating or restoring historic windows, building mantel pieces, or simply making unique millwork such as post caps, corbels, wainscoting or Balustrades.

Every home and client is unique so Westbrook’s approach is tailored to match each project individually.



“I strive to provide an experience that is personal, educational, and in cooperation with you. My goal through professionalism, is providing you with superior service and quality.”

– Daniel Westbrook


Well known in the community of trades professionals for his practiced craftsmanship and project management expertise, Westbrook has become popular with a clientele looking for a quality experience.