Work Truck Organization is key to Efficient Craftsmanship

Work Truck Organization is key to Efficient Craftsmanship


Consider Lack of Organization Has a Cost


There is nothing worse than digging around in the back of a work truck looking for that tool you need right now. It’s frustrating and inefficient leading to cost increase and poor workmanship. Has this ever happened to you? If you’re a home owner hiring a contractor, its valuable to consider your contractors organized working methodology. That includes work truck tool, hauling, and working organization for clean efficient smooth workmanship. Most contractors these days work by a “time and material” method so even if you choose the more expensive contractor its possible they are actually less expensive in the end. At Westbrook Carpentry and Millwork I know for sure its a better value for the dollar spent when working with us and here is why.

Left side truck Westbrook tool access

Organization is a Skillset, and Takes Time


I didn’t always have a work truck like this, but Ive always worked toward better organization in the way I work as a craftsman. So after many years I planed this truck body with its options to fit with what I thought would make my craft better and more efficient at the same time. Now chances are I have what I need on site right now. No need to run to the supplier everyday, no “forgetting” that tool you need, and “making do”. Believe me Ive seen this happen many many times in the trades, and the cost is astronomical. Not to mention the compromise to quality, because of “making do” with wrong tool for the job!  The reason why this happens in the trades is because it takes a lot of work to have the foresight to implement organization. That in and of itself is a skill that all of us would do well to practice, because the investment is worth it!

Right side Westbrook tool truck access


The Importance of Tool Organization


This is just as important as organized business engineering methods. All of it has been, thought through, implemented, and orchestrated together to help my services be more valuable to my customers. Also from a craftsman working standpoint it ups my craft abilities and smooth working methods to an extremely high quality end result. This is such an important topic in the industry that I was hired to video host a film at my shop and write an article on the subject. Its posted over at the Dunn Lumber website with the link to the article here if you’re interested.

Work-Truck Organization: How to be productive and professional with your tools. 


Westbrook Truck back cargo area


Organization a Valuable Customer Experience


Below is professionally done video embedded for your convenience to see how I organize my truck, how I think about my working methods, and in turn, the value I bring to my clients when practicing my craft. In the final analysis, Id rather work in a well thought out organized working environment, rather than chaos. I’m sure you would as well!  Enjoy the video and as always feel free to pop me an email!



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