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Daniel J Westbrook’s personalized service approach is an exceptionally rare example of what quality should be. He is an experienced Master Craftsman, business owner, and remodeling contractor. Daniel works with historic, vintage, and mid-century architectural period millwork applications. He specializes in repairing or making new historic wood windows, building period historic porches, staircases, balustrades, milling moldings to match, and radius woodwork. He also specializes in unique custom design carpentry projects as well as custom home renovations.


“I strive to maintain old fashioned principles like respect, hard work, trust and stewardship so we can carry the long standing tradition that quality is simply, building to stand the test of time.”

– Daniel Westbrook

Westbrook Woodshop is a studio located in Snohomish, Washington designed around providing a wide variety of in-house carpentry and millwork projects. Westbrook Woodshop is not only used to support our field projects, but it is also open to clients for design consultation appointments, project drop-offs and pick-up.

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