“When action is called and the camera is on, it’s like a switch goes off in me where I’m completely present, pushing my energy through the lens. A practiced craft indeed.”

– Daniel Westbrook

In the series of films and articles shown, Daniel was approached by Mike Dunn, president of Dunn Lumber Company, as a good fit for procuring and presentation of professional content. Through film hosting, and written articles, this content has become a helpful resource published toward the construction trades. Dunn Lumber contracted with the Belief Agency to produce the content for them, and so, as a freelance entertainer, public speaker and consultant, Daniel became part of the team.

“Working in film as a host, is not as easy as it looks. This misconception is probably due to the modern era where anyone can make a film with their personal device but quality of content in film comes from practice. It is a professional craft.” – Daniel

Production requires a lot of talent from camera, editing, sound, lighting, space procurement, management and so on. It is a completely cooperative team effort and there is a lot riding on capturing content on film day.

Over the years, Daniel has had a lot of opportunity to work in film, live performance, public speaking, modeling, still photos, and has written many articles. So, if you are in need of talent for a project, presentation, or performance, feel free to contact him anytime.

“I’m here to help”! – Daniel James Westbrook

Bio, photos, references on request

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