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Historic and Vintage home renovation is a method of remodeling that gives respect for the historic value of your home or building. It can encompass, restoring or rebuilding historic wood windows, siding, porches, corbels, molding, banisters, stairs, and any number of components through out the interior and exterior of a building as a whole.

Historic and Vintage home renovation also includes full additions, from dormers, second stories, or basements, to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, as well as updating systems if needed, like electrical, heating, and plumbing. As Master Craftsman, it’s important for us to incorporate modern building methods with the knowledge of how your home was built in the first place, with the focus of achieving quality craftsmanship with overall seamless look to match the rest of the home, from structural framing to fine finishes.

There is nothing wrong with updating your historic home, and as a 3rd generation master carpenter, I respect the historic value of your home and the craftsman that came before me. So, as Master Craftsman, we use a mix of modern and historic, materials and methods that continue to provide a product that is… Built to Withstand!

- Daniel Westbrook owner/3rd generation master carpenter

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