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Historic and Vintage home renovation general contractor and carpenter, Daniel Westbrook, is using a method of experienced remodeling, in Seattle, Everett, and Bellevue, that gives respect for the historic value of your home. We are an experienced, 3rd generation craftsman orientated service, using a mix of modern and historic, materials and methods to provide quality renovations, from kitchen remodeling, or basement remodeling, to making historic millwork replications, to wood rot repair, to new custom trim work installations.

Historic and Vintage home restoration carpentry at Westbrook encompasses, restoring or building new, historic wood windows, matching and replacing vintage siding, rebuilding porches, making corbels, making and installing molding, installing banisters, framing and installing stair cases, and any number of carpentry projects involving wood components on the interior or exterior of a building as a whole. We use our full wood shop as an extention of our field activities, so we can replicate, or build new from cabinets, to mantels, to post caps, or just about anything you might want. 

Historic and Vintage home remodeling with Westbrook includes renovation, from building new dormers, or renovating basements, or full gut kitchen and bathroom remodels, or simply just moving walls around. We focus on a clean surgical approach to remodeling, so our general contracting projects range from small to mid sized. As craftsmen, we understand modern building methods, but also, we have the knowledge of how your home was built in the first place. Our goal is to achieve quality with overall seamless look to match the rest of your home. We perform our own hands on carpentry, from structural framing like installing a beam or moving walls, to fine millwork installations, like installing trim, or railings.

Feel free to reach out any time, I would love to hear about you remodeling or carpentry needs.  

We, strive to maintain the old fashioned principles respect, hard work, trust and stewardship, so we can carry the long standing tradition, that quality is simply building to stand the test of time.

- Daniel Westbrook owner/3rd generation master carpenter

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