Anatomy of a Historic Double Hung Window

Anatomy of a Historic Double Hung Window

by Daniel Westbrook Master Carpenter
Seattle, Everett, Bellevue, Bellingham

As a master Craftsman Ive restored or rebuilt many unique antique windows here in the North West Pudget Sound region, and still one of my favorites is the double hung window. Such a simple design. It’s all about being able to repair or replicate by a craftsman.

In contrast new windows made by some national manufacturing corporation that markets the latest and greatest, make windows that are basically installed, used up and then thrown away. By that time the style has changed, or they are engineered in such a way that repairs are worthless so the only option is replacement.

Yet with this very simple design, the historic double hung window, can always be repaired, partially rebuilt, or period replicated, using the simplest of available materials.

In my work shop Ive gotten pretty intimate with all types of historic wood windows and sash over the years, but the double hung window is still my favorite.




So give me a call, for repairing, or replicating your historic double hung windows and sash. Feel free to stop by my workshop with any repairs.


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