Westbrook Carpentry & Millwork specializes in renovation, repair, period replication, and restoration services to historic, vintage and mid-century modern homes, servicing Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, and North to Bellingham. Westbrooks wood shop located in Snohomish, is available for making new or repairing everything from cabinets, to antiques, to milling and assembling casework in the shop, to on-site installations. Westbrook Carpentry & Millwork is available for many projects such as historic window restoration, rebuilding historic home front porches and entries, building stairs, making and installing balustrades and posts, milling wood post caps, architectural interior/exterior casework or trim installations, custom-made mantels, built-in custom cabinets, matching existing trim or wood work, in the shop furniture repairs, or cabinet repairs, custom home renovations, casework installations, and much more.

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