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We specialize in wood rot repair from structural wood beam rebuilding, to historic wood window repair, or, siding repair, siding replacement, wood railing repair, rotton wood stair replacement, wood fascia repair, wall envelope rebuilding, deck repair and difficult access projects. In may cases historic homes and buildings require south side restoration needing our expertise using a mix of modern and historic building methods.  Decay on a building in the Seattle area, can occur anywhere weather and moisture have an opportunity to infiltrate. Most often, lack of maintenance, design, or bad prior workmanship is to blame……..


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Structural Wood Rot Restoration Seattle

A rotton Glue lam structural support beam, caused by an improperly installed deck. 

It took only 7 years for this to occur! 

  • Architectural and Structural Wood Rot Restorations
  • Previous Construction Defect Rebuilding
  • Moisture Penetration and Resolution
  • Inspections, Preliminary Estimates, Detailed Proposals
  • Project Dust Controls and Weather Protection

The most common areas for moisture intrusion, that cause  wood rot, are, roof flashing, gutters, windows, doors, waterproof decks, and exterior wood components on your home, like deck railings, and stairs.


A repaired soffit, fascia, bed mold, and siding decay repair, by Westbrook. Many times we are hired to do all these interfaces on historic homes. They are a difficult repair, but can be done, and look fantastic! 

Historic Home Wood Rot

This Deep Wood Rot was caused by bad flashing

Most often the fix of the cause is simple, but the damage in many cases requires a level of surgical precision, that can only come from an extremely high level of expertise. Especially in major wood rot structural repair, as well as recreating architectural components to match existing, say in Historic wood rot restorations.


Historic Home Wood rot Repair

Historic Home Wood Rot Restored seattle

From modern to vintage homes we have performed rot restorations by first inspecting and making a determination of the causes, the extent of the damage, and provide the best course of action to take to ensure your home is fixed for good. Although, in most cases, it is almost impossible to provide an exact cost, we do provide a preliminary estimate so we have a budgetary number to work from right from the start. We then proceed with a time and material method, and record everything in a system that we have developed called the daily log. With a high level of personal communication and a recording of the daily actions and materials, the daily log becomes your invoice. This method provides you with full disclosure of activities and ensures you know the problem is fixed for good!

Removing decay from under a historic porch, and adding new structural framing. 


Historic Home Wood fascia rot repair

Wood fascia and beam wood rot restored seattle

Below is a video of a typical upper deck over a living space that was installed incorrectly! In this case kitchen floor linoleum was used under tile for the waterproof membrane!


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