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Westbrook Restorations is founded on four fundamental virtues… 


When doing business with Westbrook Restorations you will find all our communications, proposals, contracts, daily logs, invoicing, and change orders are  detailed for your full understanding of expectations, and how your project will be completed. It’s important to understand that Westbrook Restorations is all about, Teamwork, Personal Customer Service, Master Craftsmanship, and Peace of Mind. With the goal to provide you with a quality product and experience that is…


Business Expectations:

Just a basic guide of a much more detailed process we have developed.

1-The first call will determine if we have the potential to be a good fit.

2-The first meeting is about expectations, like, project scope, and budget and timing. Are we working with an Architect? Designer?

3-You are provided a welcome packet with references and links to similar projects

4-Then we provide a preliminary estimate for budgetary purposes for every project.

5- We will then work with Architects, Designers, or Subs to determine a solid cost. There may be a fee associated with this process.

6-If working with you on a time and material method, we provide a detailed daily log of exactly what was accomplished and materials used. This also becomes your invoicing.

7-Once we sign a contract, your place in the schedule is held as a next in line, and you will be given a general time frame for starting.

8-Once your project is about to start you will receive an invoice for a start payment. You will also receive a schedule, and a lead safe certified guide to renovate right flyer.

9-Once your project is started we provide you with our personal attention, and communication. All paperwork will be provided in a timely manner.we help guide you through the project so you can make timely informed decisions.

10-We will be taking pictures and video through the process with respect to protecting your private space. Once your project is finished we will perform a final walk through, receive your approval and a final payment. I will also ask for a recommendation or review, and if your interested in being on our reference list. 

Project Protection:

1-We provide dust control protection as needed with all work.

2-We protect the floors, grounds, plants, furniture, driveways, sidewalks as needed

3-We provide weather protection to your home and to work stations

4-We provide air dust filtration in many of our projects

5-We perform daily clean up, vacuuming, or sweeping.

6-We use non-toxic and low voc building methods as owners request.

7-We set up workstations, and store material with respect to your property

Peace of mind:


Westbrook Restorations is

1-A lead safe renovate right certified company.

2-A Licensed, Bonded and Insured company.

3-A state approved company to collect sales tax.

4-A company that provides limited warranted work

5-A Member of the BBB

6-A member of the North West Eco Builders Guild

7-A member of Historic Seattle

8-Customer Reviews click here to view. OUR CUSTOMER REVIEWS

Our credentials:

The Owner:

1-Is a Master Carpenter

2-Has 30 years experience

3-Has a degree in Construction Management

4-Is a professional project manager

5-Has been on the board of Historic Everett

6-has successfully completed the City of Snohomish Public Safety Academy

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