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Remodel General contractor Westbrook Restorations specializes in renovating historic, vintage, and mid century modern homes. We remodel kitchens, basements, bathrooms, attics, and even do small additions like dormers, or additions. We are founded on four old fashioned values, Respect, Hard Work, Trust, and Stewardship with a desire to build things to stand the test of time.

"We provide an experience that is personal, educational, and in cooperation with you. Our goal through professionalism, is providing you with superior service and quality craftsmanship. I look forward to working with you, and thank you for the opportunity!"

Daniel J Westbrook

A custom Kitchen

A Custom Kitchen Remodel and Addition by Westbrook

   We have successfully remodeled many homes including Kitchens, additions, bathrooms, basements, dormers, and projects of various sizes that require a high level of communication, hands on management, and craftsman expertise.                              


Custom Kitchen by Westbrook

This custom kitchen remodel was a down to the studs renovation that included moving walls, and all new utilities

 One of the most important decisions you will make in hiring a remodel contractor, or any tradesman, is, trusting their ability to,

proactively, communicate, and manage your project well.

Custom kitchen showing the full floor to ceiling tile, custom pantry with pocket door, and wood butherblock counters. 

   At Westbrook Restorations we endeavor to provide personal customer service by practicing, communication as the goal of accomplishing projects, with professionalism, efficiency and teamwork. 

Historic Home Back Porch addition

Historic Home Back Porch addition

We work with Architects, Engineers, Designers, to, Tradesman, Clients, suppliers or, Building officials, in a team effort to not only build your project, but to provide an experience that is enjoyable and informative.

As a 3rd generation Master Craftsman, and Remodel Contractor, Daniel Westbrook uses his experience and expertise, by remaining in the field as much as possible to teach and perform much of the carpentry work, with his hand picked crew, and tradesmen.                                                                                                                                


A custom basement down to the studs remodel with custom cabinets, railing millwork and room extension.

Our tradesmen or “subs” as they are more commonly referred to, have worked with us for many years, and in fact, we have found that fostering long term professional relationships provides, by far, a much better value, than “bid shopping”, for an erroneously perceived cheapest price!

Owner, Daniel Westbrook, runs his company from the field, as much as possible, so that he can be available to, personally manage each project. As a small remodel company, we can focus on one project at a time, giving you and your home our full attention!                                                  


 This also provides you with a level of personal service and quality craftsmanship rarely seen in the trades today!                          

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A 1920's Home Addition Start

Working on an addition on a 1920's Queen Anne home in Seattle. We added a basement under the home, a kitchen and a custom deck

Why use Westbrook Restorations?

--3 generations of Seattle carpentry and remodel contracting

--Owner availability for personal service, and project management

--In house carpentry provides better quality and master craftsmanship

--Long term relationships with our subcontractors, fosters quality

--Expectations and benefits for employees provides serious professional craftsman

--Architectural service separate from Westbrook eliminating contractor self interests.

--Business philosophy Respect, Hard work, Trust, Stewardship provides an experience that is...

Built to Withstand!

The short video below shows exactily how we add support to your existing home, to expand space within the existing footprint. 

The video below shows exactly what is meant by surgical demolition. Keeping your home clean and agitation to a minimum is a must! 

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