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We specialize in remodeling historic, vintage, and mid century modern homes, which includes our hands on carpenter expertise in restoring, or building new replicating wood historic windows, matching historic wood siding, interior and exterior wood molding trim installations, historic front porch repair or rebuilding, wood rot repairs, stairs or railing rebuilding, and even structural support rebuilding. 

"We are a 3rd generation renovation contractor. Our goal through professionalism, is providing you with superior service and quality hands on carpentry master craftsmanship."

Daniel J Westbrook

The heart and soul of Westbrook Restorations is Craftsmanship, Carpentry, and Millwork! As such we are perfectly suited to Restore, Renovate or Replicate any Historic or Vintage home from remodel contracting to building any unique carpentry components that require a high level of expertise. 


A Historic home in Queen Anne Seattle Completed by Westbrook Restorations.

 This Historic home located in Queen Anne Seattle, was an exterior exact replication by Westbrook Restorations. Included are custom sidewall shingles, custom millwork, and custom manufactured fascia to match the original right down to the vertical grain cedar and fir used. We also installed the siding and exterior millwork. We would love to here from you about your historic or vintage home project! Want to see how we did this project? Historic Home Exterior Fascia Manufacture and Installation

Historic Front Porch Stairs

Historic front porch stairs rebuilt by Westbrook seattle

Historic Front Porches, hearken back to a time when friends and family would sit and tell stories or spend time with neighbors talking about the days news and catching up on gossip. Not only were front porches used for the days communications but also for that unique architectural look to the front entry of any home. 


Ranging in size from small to grand or from simple to complex they were all, an integral part of any homes architectural features.

Today Westbrook Restorations restores or rebuilds these beautiful entries from stairs, railings, posts, roofs, floors, from simple rot repairs to entire new home entries. 


The stair case, arches, grab rail, and wall cap below, are just the final touches of Westbrook work. The original stair case turned 90 degree's to the left at a landing about four steps up into a hall. The new kitchen took the footprint of the hall so these walls, and stair were extensively gutted and rebuilt, by Westbrook to match the current architecture of the 1920's home, right down to the arches.  

Historic and Vintage wood windows were and still are in many cases some of the best systems ever designed for a wood window in a home. We often are restoring windows that are over 100 yeas old that are still in excellent shape!

And if restored or cared for properly there is no reason that certain historic wood windows couldn’t last another 150 years or so! At Westbrook Restorations we can not only restore your existing windows, we can build exact replicas in our shop if wanted

Historic Wood Window Renovation

Historic double hung windows restored by Westbrook seattle

When we do a restoration we only use wood components to replace decay, as this is a much stronger and longer lasting fix than epoxy fillers.

Also, with Historic and Vintage homes there are interior and exterior millwork, repairs to whole new replacements. Such as stairs, mantels, moldings, doors, cabinets, siding, and even, structural framing! We know where to find the right wood to match existing, we have the tooling and expertise to ensure your Historic and Vintage home project is done properly, seamlessly, and, to withstand the test of time!



The final look before paint, adding structure under this historic porch

Many historic homes in Seattle require Westbrook Restorations to add structural support under an existing porch or deck. This short video shows how we work.

This Video Shows a Historic Siding Replication  

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