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The Famous Historic Moana Apartments was a real privilege in being hired to restore many of the historic windows on the south side. Many of the windows were sill in great shape! A real testament to the quality of many historic windows. However there were many that needed repair and replacement of components, and we were happy to oblige. The owners wanted to keep the original windows because they felt that it would be a better, long term investment, then replacing with new insulated windows, that frankly, wouldn't last a quarter of what the originals would! 

Notice the scaffolding, access is a very important part of many Historic window projects we perform. Without it we would be unsafe and certainly the the quality would suffer if it would be possible to do the project at all! 

Notice that we not only remove the sash, but also the jambs. This is necessary to replace the sills and any decayed jamb components. Also notice the plastic sheathing walls. There is lead in the paint on these windows, so its important to provide proper dust control.

Back in the shop we take care in removing all the paint with a low voc stripper in a contained area. 

Its important to understand the engineering and anatomy of a historic window sash. Because we do not use epoxy, and only replace with wood, we understand what components should be replaced and how to do it in such a way as to make the sash last. 

A pre primed finished sash, before the glass is glazed in.

We manufacture the sills all at once after determining how many need replacement. These sills were originally manufactured in a millwork shop, using production methods at the time and every one is exactly the same! 

Sometimes its just best to take out and strip the hardware. Notice that we also can pre prime the jam stock as well, but not the dado where the parting bead is inserted, as this would be a disaster, because the parting bead is installed with only a slight pressure fit. No nails! 

Pre primed Jamb pieces ready to be put together before leaving the shop. 

The final product from the exterior freshly painted. You can see now why scaffolding is important, not only for safety, but also efficiency.

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