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This 1909 Historic Home is located in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. The front porch and wall framing were reframed and secured to new concrete supports. The stairs and side boxes were completely rebuilt, with pressure treated framing, solid fir treads and risers. The siding was custom milled to match the existing 1909 siding. The front porch deck is a young and groove vertical grain fir that was pre finished on all sides before installing! The ground contact finish material is a paintable PVC material. We use a product called AZAK. Watch the video to see our quality in process! 

The final look of this 1909 Historic Home in Seattle's Wallingford Neighborhood 

A beautifully restored 105 year old home! What we started with looked very warn and was ready to be restored for that next 100 years.

This Historic Front porch has seen better days!

The framing understructure with a carpenter installing the pre finished tongue and groove decking.

Westbrook Restorations pre finishes many of our exterior wood components including priming on all sides for longevity of product. We want our craftsman ship to last another 100 years and see that you are receiving the best quality value for your home. 

The over all look before the home was painted. 

This video below shows the entire process. Including project protection from the weather and tool set up, so you can view how and why you receive the very best craftsmanship from Westbrook Restorations! 

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