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This Historic Home was one of the first vacation homes built on Mercer Island, not far from where the ferry would bring weekend vacationers from seattle back in the day. This home has a beautiful wrap around porch, that originally had canvas curtains in seed of windows. At some point in the 20's the window sash you see now were installed on top of the flat railings. This flat surface over time created a place for moisture to sit and eventually rot out. Also the sash without a 10 degree bevel on the bottoms wicked up moisture and began to decay over time. 

Westbrook Restorations was called to not only restore these original window sash, but also devise a sloped exterior sill to solve the problem for good. Although this repair is about 30,000 dollar project, the owners were happy to have our quality craftsmanship to preserve the historic value of their home. 

The original flat wall cap. See the decay?

This is the framing top plate, after removing the top cap

Here is the wall cavity that is giving us access to reframe any decay as needed

Above is the new top framing plate made from two layers of 3/4" plywood for flat rigid support

This is the new sill we manufactured from vertical grain fir and installed without removing siding or the main trim

This is a picture of one of the sash in the shop. We had to repair every sash, bottom rail and some of the side rails, including removing and reglazing the glass

Some of the windows waiting around to dry, and then be sanded, pre primed, and reglazed

This is a picture of the sash going back in and the interior flat sill installed. Notice that we sand and pre prime all our material before install.

Another picture of the exterior sill finished 

This is what the shop looks like after a log day of historic window work! 

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