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This custom kitchen remodel on Federal Avenue in Seattle was a complete gut, down to studs within the core of the home. It required a custom surgical hands on working and service approach. The experienced craftsmanship by  Westbrook Restorations made us a good fit for this custom project within a historic home. It's our niche. In cooperation with Board and Vellum Architects, and our subcontractors, working as a team with the owner we were able to execute the best in what custom craftsmanship has to offer. 

If your looking for custom, craftsmanship, carpentry and project management for your historic or mid century modern home, feel free to reach out to Daniel Westbrook anytime. 

The furnished custom kitchen and den after many months of dedicated craftsmanship. 

The original kitchen space

Many websites only show before and after pictures. But I feel that the real story is what happens in-between. This remodel really consisted of not only a kitchen remodel, but a reconfiguration of the staircase, powder room, pantry, and basement gut remodel. 

Demolition must be clean and low impact keeping agitation to a minimum to the surrounding structure. Also, the owner lived in the home during this remodel as with all our projects. 

The final framed project with sound insulation, after removing walls to open the space. See the main beam at the ceiling? 

This remodel hinged on one thing. The installation of the main beam seen in the kitchen ceiling, without it this remodel wouldn't have been possible. We installed LVL beams laminated together to reach our engineerd load. We had the opportunity to film this process in cooperation with the Belief agency and Dunn Lumber company. If interested in seeing the process click this link to our blog INSTALLING LVL BEAMS DURING A RESIDENTIAL REMODEL by Daniel Westbrook

After drywall is complete. The millwork starts with custom cabinet installation. These custom cabinets were built by Beechtree Woodworks to the exact specifications wanted by the owner. 

This pano pic is an accurate representation of how Westbrook works. This is during working hours. Notice how clean the project is, also notice the floor to ceiling tile being installed. 

All millwork is installed, countertops, and finishes, ready for custom paint. 

All, carpentry was performed by Westbrook from demolition, framing, window and door installation, and custom millwork. Many thanks to our friends at Board and Vellum, and also all the trades involved, my subcontractors who's vast experience made this custom piece, a one of a kind renovation within a historic home. 

The video below, is a conversation I had with Robert at Board and Vellum about what a homeowner should expect in considering a remodel project. 

This is the link is to the full article of what a home owner should expect from a custom remodel process by Daniel Westbrook Published at Dunn Lumber company in cooperation with the Belief agency. 

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