Daniel Westbook has been fortunate to have such a successful career and appreciates every bit of press and opportunity to write articles spotlighting his work. These are just a few articles and write-ups. Make sure to check back regularly for more press updates!

Over the years, Daniel has had the opportunity to work in film, production, speaking, teaching and written word through articles and publications. Daniel was invited by Dunn Lumber company to help create a platform for advice and teaching driven articles and film, where he was able to further hone his presentation skills. He loves working with the team at Dunn and the Belief Agency that provides the production.

“We’ve made some really great “real” usable content for the community.” – Daniel Westbrook


Daniel Westbrook, Master Carpenter has worn Filson Clothing to keep warm and dry against the Seattle elements for many years. This is his story for Filson fine clothing, located right here in Seattle!