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Daniel Westbrook founded his business out of a response to what he thought was a deterioration of quality craftsmanship in the remodel trades, and a desire to remodel homes, to withstand for the long term. His love of renovating historic buildings comes from seeing them as unique pieces of art, and his respect for the master craftsman that came before him. 

"In the 1970’s I grew up in the Yukon wilderness, and it was as if history stood still. Sternwheelers still parked on the river banks, ghost towns, wilderness cabins, mines, trails and roads, still laying there, as if everyone just disappeared one day. They left behind equipment, stories, and a rich history that I became to know as a boy. A history, that is still with me today."


A news article in the Tribune with a little look into Daniel"s life which started in the Yukon!

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Daniel Westbrook

Owner/ Manager/Master Carpenter/Author/Performer/Farmer/Woodsman/Teacher

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This video is about what I have committed my life to and what it takes to become a Master Craftsman! This is our company video, filmed on one of our projects, talking about the old time values we bring to the remodel experience! 

This video is about teaching and passing on old fashioned values

This video is about where Quality Craftsmanship Really comes from! 

Daniel Westbrook played a part in speaking about old fashioned values in the making of Dunn Lumber's history of the company video. This is COOL Seattle history! Glad to be a part of it! Daniel

Quality Clothing is critical for a craftsman working in the elements! This video is a story I wrote about quality and old fashioned values for Filson quality clothing right here in Seattle! Glad I could take part! 

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