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Apr 29, 2017

Yukonality! An interview with Daniel Westbrook

Not long ago, I had an editor from the tribune call me, and asked if they could do a person of intrest story about my life. Somehow, they heard about me through the grapevine and thought I'd make a great story with my frontier life growing up in the Yukon wilderness, adherence to old fashioned values and my work with historic homes as a master carpenter. Although this story is less newsy and more poetic, it does explain the influence the Yukon has shaped my life to this day. Yukonality, a term my wife (raised in California. A valley girl),  uses to explain my approch to life. The reporter wrote it this way "live in harmony with nature; respect hard work; live adventurously; celebrate life; keep history alive; be good stewards of this earth; and be earnest." Westbrook Restorations, with the brand, Built To Withstand, is founded on four fundamental values, Respect, Hard Work, Trust, and Stewardship. It is not some made up thing or fake marketing. It is me, it's who I am, the real deal. 

So when you read the linked article, and peek into a small window of my life, through the eyes of a reporter, reflect on what's truely important in our lives! 

Tribune article about Daniels life.

Yukonality, picture

Daniel Westbrook in his shop getting his picture taken from a news photographer 


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