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Apr 28, 2017

Planning For a Historic Home Renovation

Not long ago I noticed a large dumpster outside a historic home here in seattle, right down the street where we were working on another historic home. As I was driving by a large plume of dust was rising from the dumpster and upon slowing down I saw two youg guys with plastic garbage cans dumping raw lath and plaster straight into the dumpster. The thing is, I know there is lead in that era of home, and I saw no effort to comply to dust control, or even to keep the site clean. Down the street at the Westbrook Restorations project it was quite the opposite. I believe the outward symptoms seen during a project, are only a reflection, of quality, professionalism and value!    

I came across and was impressed with this linked article below. Written by a professional remodeler that specializes in renovating historic homes, who said it right! Remodeling historic homes is difficult, and does require alot of planning, management and expertise in these areas, as well as hands on workmanship. This is the only way to ensure a project of quality, historical accuracy, and modern code compliance. Not to mention compliance certification for lead containment! So, have your historic or vintage home renovated correctly by an experienced remodel contractor!  

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Planning for a historic home renovation


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