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Sep 27, 2014

Customer Review of Westbrook Restorations Seattle WA Remodeling

I bought my house from a builder in early 2000. The house passed inspection. In early 2014 I thought it would be smart to have a home inspector check out my place again. The inspector found two major problems:

1) The Sheetrock behind the sink, the siding on the other side of the sink, and much of the flooring in the kitchen were wet

2) A critical piece of flashing was missing between the back deck and the rim of the house. Rain water was running under the sliding glass door and ruining the plywood behind the siding

I called around and met with a number of contractors. I wanted someone with water damage and remediation experience. I didn't want to cut corners by paying the least expensive guy to do the lowest quality work with second rate materials. I wanted a quality craftsman to do the job right. I found Daniel Westbrook and crew from Westbrook Restorations.

Daniel and Kannon were awesome. They were professional, skilled craftsmen that prided themselves on doing their best work. They always presented me with options. They helped me understand the costs, time, and potential impact of each option. Westbrook was by no means the cheapest contractor I could have hired to do this work, however, after working with them for almost three weeks and seeing the quality and thoroughness of their work, I’m certain they were the best contractor I could have hired. I would recommend Westbrook to my friends and family and would hire them again.



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