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Oct 17, 2015

Customer review of Historic home craftsman Westbrook Restorations

Customer Review Queen Ann Seattle

My 115 tear old house needed the complete replacement of second story exterior shingles and trim, the front trim being a unique design. Westbrook did an evaluation, told me he was not the cheapest contractor, and gave me an estimate, both time and cost. From talking with him, seeing online videos of some of his projects, I felt he could meet my high standards for the job's completion. Daniel and his crew were on the site everyday at 8 AM, rain or shine. He and his crew were professional and courteous. His work area was cleaned up daily. He talked with me at least once a week to make sure both parties were communicating about work progress, time expectations, and keeping within an agreed budget. He replicated to a T the unique design of my front fascia, a work of art in itself, which I thought might be impossible to do. The work was completed in an 8 week period and was 7% below the estimated budget. He takes complete pride in his craft and the finished project.

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This video shows the precess and what it takes to craft these unique historic fascia pieces, by Master Craftsman Daniel Westbrook


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