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Sep 27, 2014

Customer Review for Westbrook Restorations in Seattle WA Doors

5.0 star rating11/13/2012

My wife and I recently decided we wanted to install two new doors on our house. Both doors presented a bit of a challenge: one we wanted to be larger than the existing opening and the second was an external door leading into our basement. Knowing this was going to be a good size job, we got a few quotes before starting the work. Daniel was one of the quotes. While he was not the cheapest, I was impressed with his knowledge and the thoroughness of the estimate. He also gave us a sheet of references and after calling some we picked him for the job.

Right away I knew we made the correct choice. He did an excellent job guiding us through the process of picking out the doors and letting us know the type of hardware. When it was time for the work to start he was very communicative as to what he was going to do and when. He also sent me a few photos of the work in progress during the day so I could see what was going on. It was a nice touch.

When the job was complete it came in on budget and was well done.

Westbrook Restorations installs new custom doors, siding and trim as needed


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